Handmade Eau De Parfum fragrance in a bottle with magnetic cap

Notes: hedione molecule, iso e super molecule, fig flower, blackcurrant leaf, musks, vanilla, coumarin

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Introducing “MODERN GREEN” the revolutionary fragrance designed to align with the latest contemporary trends.

At its core, this fragrance is a celebration of the modern spirit, embracing the essence of euphoria through its innovative composition of Hedione and Iso E Super molecules. These distinctive elements guiding you through a green and modern olfactory journey that resonates with the zeitgeist.

Fig flower and verdant touch of blackcurrant leaf captivates and stays from the top to the base of the perfume. This combination creates an enigmatic aura that exudes a sense of modern elegance.

At the base of the perfume, it offers a sense of lasting comfort. The soft touch of velvety musks gently soothes the senses and the warmth of vanilla creates a peacefulness and a touch of coumarin adds an intriguing depth, completing the scent’s harmonious blend.


It embodies the energizing and lively feeling of being surrounded by nature’s renewal. I have drew inspiration from nature’s colors and scents, particularly the vibrant green surroundings. It’s like a gentle nudge that change is a beautiful part of life. This perfume is like your personal supporter, reminding you to embrace your journey of growth. Wearing it is like carrying a bit of a sunny, green world that boosts your confidence.


Ingredients:alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), benzyl alcohol, geraniol, farnesol, coumarin, linalool


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