Where to find

Discovering your perfect scent through our Discovery Sets is an exciting journey, allowing you to experience our perfumes firsthand. However, we recognize the value of personal connections and the desire to meet the creators or explore fragrances in person. Below, we’ve curated a list of our esteemed partners and private perfumery events where you can find LIUR.parfum, offering you the opportunity to engage with our brand in a more intimate and sensory-rich setting.

Salon "Jaukus Namai" (Cosy Homes), Kaunas, Lithuania

Salon “Jaukūs namai,” opened in 2007, and the esteemed family company “Kimono,” tracing its origins to 1993, epitomizes a profound appreciation for the opulence of Lithuanian and Japanese culture.

In celebration of their commitment to artistry and exclusivity, on the 21st of February, 2024, an exclusive opening event with LIUR parfum unfolded. This intimate event saw the creators unveil their olfactory masterpieces, and since that date – you can find LIUR. collection at “Jaukus Namai”

A.Juozapavičiaus pr. 21 (Ž.Šančių kareivinės), Kaunas, Lithuania



25/26 May – Creative showroom (SPRINGFEST Pop -up) Vilniaus g. 27, Kaunas. Meet the creators. MORE INFO . Ended

16 May – Coco Lounge, Alytus, private perfumery event. Meet the creators.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Ended

11-12 May – Creative showroom (SPRINGFEST Pop -up) Pilies g.40, muzieju galerija, Vilnius. Meet the creators. Ended.

13 April – “Mano Sofa Spring POP – UP”, Drobės g. 62, Kaunas (On Scent Syndicate shelf). Ended

10 April – Salon Jaukus Namai, parfumery event. Meet the creators. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Ended

9 April – Klaipėda, Artyn Meno Namai, private perfumery event. Ended

22 – 24 March – Uptown Spring Market 24, Loftas, Vilnius. On Scent syndicate shelf. Meet the creators on 23rd. Ended

16 March – Vytautas Mineral Spa hotel, Birštonas, Lithuania. National Lithuanian Perfumery Event. Meet the creators. Ended

21/02/2024 – Jaukus Namai, Kaunas private opening event, meeting with creators. Ended

16/02/2024 – Vytautas SPA hotel, Birštonas. National Lithuanian Parfumery. Meeting with creators. Ended

13/02/2024 – Šilalė, Lithuania. Private parfumery evening. Ended

11/02/2024 – Riga, Latvia. Private parfumery evening. Ended

16/12/2023 – Alytus, Lithuania. Christmas Artisan Fair. Ended

06/12/2023 – Coco Lounge, Alytus. Private parfumery evening. Meeting with creators. Ended