34 Parfum

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Artisan Eau De Parfum fragrance in a bottle with magnetic cap.

Scent: Pepper | Sea after Storm | Wood

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Liur 34 mandarin


LIUR 34 is a profound exploration of emotional dynamics through scent.

Your mind is in disarray, like a storm raging within. But now you are by the seaside, the tumultuous tempest having just subsided. With each deep inhale, a crisp freshness fills your lungs, clearing the chaos. In this calming setting, all is hushed, getting quiet. You sense a profound relaxation and connection to the ground beneath you…

34 bursts with a punch of peppers capturing those intense emotions, like a thunderclap in your senses, evoking the intensity of inner discord.

Yet, as the scent unfolds, it unveils the essence of the sea after a storm with a gust of wind, a calmness, a swift transition into the aftermath of a tempest.

Amidst the represented chaos and calm, a hint of green mandarin appears, like sipping lemonade by the seaside. It serves as a beacon of relaxation, a reminder that within all the storms, there is always a moment of respite waiting to be found.  

The olfactory composition ends with a wet, woody base, grounding the wearer in a sense of quiet strength and resilience.

Created: 2023
Released: 2024

Traditional Notes

Pepper, green mandarin, lime, lavender, musk, benzoin resin, oak moss

Olfactory Family

Herbal, fresh spicy, citrus, , woody


Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), benzyl alcohol, d-Limonene, Alpha-Terpinene, Terpinolene, Eugenol, Oak Moss

Liur 34 perfume
Why 34?

The backstage story of our fragrance, now known as simply LIUR.34 is as intriguing as its scent and its idea. Originally unveiled under the discreet lab name “P Test 34” at LIUR private perfumery event in December 2023, it swiftly captured the admiration of attendees, sparking a curiosity about its release date.

In response to the enthusiastic feedback, we embraced the organic evolution of its identity, naming it as everyone was calling  – “34.”

Taking our dedication to engagement a step further, in January 2024 we embarked on a unique social media campaign, inviting our followers to actively shape the visual look of the fragrance by determining the design of its bottle.

Thus, the essence of “34” embodies a harmonious synergy between emotions, artisanal craftsmanship and the collective imagination.

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  1. Virginija

    Gilus paslaptingas kvapas.Labai patiko!

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