Meet LIUR creators

liur parfumer


All LIUR perfumes are created by LIUR‘s very own nose and founder – Viktorija Venckune. Originally from Lithuania, Viktorija grew up in the United Kingdom where graduated in Psychology. She discovered perfumery at a very young age and started creating her first scents in a small, home-based lab as a hobby. With no formal perfumery education, Viktorija considers herself self-taught but not without the help of local British perfumers, various educational courses in UK and FR and experience in France’s perfumery industry.

London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord – was her favourite train for many years.
In 2021 moved to her native country – Lithuania and established small scale perfume creative studio where couple of years later – LIUR was born.


The „doing other things“:

Povilas Venckunas started his career working in the music industry as a DJ, music producer and sound engineer.

Lived in UK for nearly half of his life, worked as a business manager, business administration assessor. Got bored of corporate-style work and moved back to the creative world.

„I hear music in colours, I smell perfume in colours too. So to me: perfume is no different to music. It is an art where creativity meets craft, technology and engineering“.

liur poodle

LIUR poodle:

His nose contains about 220 million olfactory receptor cells (a human only has 5 million).

Still uses it for finding only treats. Gives “pawsitive” counseling sessions, expertly listening to troubles while wagging his tail.

Makes sure LIUR team is safe from various dangers: postman, delivery guys, office neighbors etc.