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Handmade Extrait De Parfum fragrance in a bottle with magnetic cap

Notes: pepper, lavender, bergamot, clove,  flower bouquet, candy floss, peru balsam, woods, oud, woody – pine, treemoss

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CATCH UP (2022)

“Catch Up” perfume is all about the ‘easy ‘and ‘powerful’ feeling that we experience when being surrounded by loved ones. The top notes of pepper, lavender and bergamot provide a spicy and refreshing opening, reminiscent of the crisp winter air. The heart notes of clove and flower bouquet bring a soft and delicate floral tone to the scent, capturing the essence of joyful celebrations and happy memories. Finally, the base notes of peru balsam, woods, oud, woody – pine, treemoss provide a deep, balsamic and woody scent that perfectly represents warmth and comfort.


This fragrance is perfect for those who want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere filled with laughter, love, and good cheer. The scent of this perfume is like a warm hug on a cold winter’s night or simply dark evenings offering a sense of comfort and security. Remember to enjoy beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. “Catch Up” is ideal for those who have a taste for luxurious and well-crafted fragrances.

Ingredients: alko denat., parfum (fragrance), benzyl alcohol, coumarin, eugenol, geraniol, treemoss extract, linalool, limonene


Please note: Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance concentration that contains the highest percentage of perfume oils among all the other concentrations available in the perfume industry. Typically, it consists of 20% to 40% of fragrance oils. Due to the highest concentration of perfume oils, it offers a more intense and long-lasting scent compared to other concentrations like Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. Extrait de Parfum is the most luxurious, premium and most expensive type of fragrance. As a result, due to its high concentration, only a small amount is needed to achieve a strong and long-lasting scent.

3 reviews for CATCH UP Extrait

  1. Ella

    Nice smell, good value brand.

  2. Zivile

    Nuostabus prieskoninis gvazdikėlių kvapas. Toks šiltas ir jaukus.

  3. Erika

    Kvepia Kalėdomis!💖✨

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