About Us


LIUR is a European artisan perfumery brand opened in 2023 August in Lithuania. If LIUR fragrance bottle could speak (maybe it can) it would say:

“I am LIUR. When you catch a whiff of my scent, it’s not just me you’re smelling; it’s a journey through your memories and secret fantasies, a dance with your imagination and your past, your present and your future. As you inhale, you’re transported to moments cherished and dreams envisioned. With each exhale, a sigh of satisfaction escapes, I am more than a fragrance – I am an experience, a sensation that leaves you craving more. I am LIUR, and with me, you indulge in the essence of your own desires.”

Truly handmade and truly independent

We are very proud of our authenticity, creative freedom, limited quantities, and artistry. Each bottle is touched by us from the beginning of the process till the end. This includes: from the idea to the creative process of the perfume „juice“, from evaluation to mixing liquid, from compounding to maceration and aging, from filtration to filling up the bottles, and from sealing the bottles to packaging – all done by our hands with no industrial processes.          

At Liur

Embracing Artisan Craft


We are proud of our very own creative studio where we utilize traditional crafts like screen printing to design and print our perfume bottles and packaging by hand or manual embossing to create our blotters.


Supporting local and small


Part of our packaging is made by local tailors – hand cut and sewed canvas bags for our discovery sets and perfume bottles.
Printing which cannot be done by ourselves is done by local small printing houses.

Perfume Ethics:

At LIUR we are against any fake perfume, dupes, or plagiarism. All perfume formulas are created by us, compounded by us, tested by us, and released by us. Our creations are inspired by OUR memories, actions, events – not by other perfumes.

We use a mix of: essential oils, absolutes, isolated molecules, synthetic molecules, CO2 oils, and resins.

Our materials come from very carefully selected suppliers to ensure reputability, the highest quality standards (following IFRA) and ethics. No animal testing, no animal products (vegan friendly), no parabens and no phthalates.



<your journey smells of beauty, and the destination is you>